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Chapter 9 Bonus Content

Chapter 9: Come Alive

Did you take this chapter’s action challenge? Have you been praying constantly over your biggest and wildest dream? What has the Lord been telling you?

If you’ve decided to join me and others in stepping off of the conveyor belt… welcome! Your true and God-given adventure can finally begin.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a song with the same title as this chapter. I pray it inspires you as you shake off the mediocre shackles of our culture and come alive to the incredible reason you’re here.

Listen to Paige’s song “Come Alive”:

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 My visit to the Dominican Republic through Compassion International really changed my life. It woke me up to the fact that the quality of life I have represents the smallest minority of the world. If you and I have bottled water in our fridge whenever we want it, that’s not normal. More people than I can imagine have to walk miles every single day to the nearest well or stream to not only get water to drink, but to cook with, wash their clothes and bathe with. If water, which is a bare necessity of life, is this difficult for most people to access… how much more out of reach must their dreams feel?

When the things that God has called me to do feel overwhelming, I think about my trip to the Dominican Republic and what I witnessed. I think about all of the resources and opportunities that I have been handed. I feel the weight of my responsibility to do something with it. Here are some picture I’d like to share with you from my trip…


As you begin to journey into the dreams God calls you to fulfill, I pray that these pictures serve as a reminder of how much you truly hold at your fingertips. No matter how hard, how crazy or impossible your calling may feel, God has given you everything you need to live it out.


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Dear Paige,
I just wanted to say what a impact your book has been to be me it was a real eye opener for me.
Thanks a bunch
Romans 8:30

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