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Chapter 4 Bonus Content

Chapter 4: The Young and the Hopeless


In the section “The Hands of Rebellion” in this chapter, I talk about low expectations for young people. Authors Alex and Brett Harris pointed out in their book Do Hard Things, the word “teenager” didn’t even exist until it was published in Reader’s Digest in 1941. These guys have a lot to say on this particular topic. Here’s a link to their books:

So… did you answer the last action challenge question? “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” I’d love to hear your answer below!

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Gracie Y.

the answer to the action question: how old would i be if i didn’t know how old i was:

i would be 6 years old all over again. back then, things were care-free for me as well. i believed that i could do anything. i even read this book once that had a little girl in it with the same name as me, who tried out for her class’s school play and got the male lead part (peter pan) because she wanted it so bad. things were a lot simpler then i guess.

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