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Chapter 16 Bonus Content

Chapter 16: Getting Real

Well, since we’re getting real… here’s my scar. I wanted to show you this because it’s one thing to tell you about, but it’s another thing to show you. 

As I shared in this chapter, I used to have such a hard time letting anyone see this. It was what I viewed as a huge imperfection that I wanted to hide. While my scar will never be physically “pretty”, its story is beautiful, and I am grateful to have it.

It’s hard to be vulnerable and get real with the imperfections and struggles in our life… but there is nothing more freeing. Would you dare to get real and share what has been holding you back? When we share our story, not only are we freed, but so are others.


Listen to Paige’s Song “Airbrushed Magazines”:

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Tammy Belzile

Hello Paige,

Thank you for using your beautiful gifted voice to spread your message. Thank you for being vulnerable and real and raw. I have a blog and my motto is to encourage others to share their story as it can bring healing and restoration to other people that may have walked the same journey.
God is amazing and I have an incredible story that only He can get glorifed. I have an incredible blessed life, surrounded by amazing people only because of the grace and mercy of God. I encourage you to check out my blog as it tells my story.

Tammy Belzile

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