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Chapter 14 Bonus Content

Chapter 14: Walking the Line

I want to highlight a couple of people that you read about in this chapter.

My friends Mike and Daniel Blackaby are two guys that you definitely want to get to know. They are the ones who defined in their book, When Worlds Collide, these three types of people:

1. Cave Dwellers: Christians who fear the world and seek to insulate themselves from it as much as possible.

2. Cave-Ins: Believers who accept the world’s values and compromise their faith or abandon it altogether.

3. Colliders: Christians who remain true to their faith yet effectively engage the world and are used by God to change people’s lives.

If this chapter really spoke to you and you want to dig deeper into specifically how to live out your faith, Mike and Daniel’s book is one you’ll want to read. Not only do they share their own personal stories, they give practical and insightful Biblical advice to help you “walk the walk” in the midst of our tough culture. Having known these guys for a few years… let me tell you: They’re the real deal! Check out their book and website:


The last example that I shared of someone who is currently living out their faith in the world was Candace Cameron Bure. Here is a video of her sharing her awesome testimony over an interview:  


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