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What Is My Purpose?

This is a question that has to be answered. More importantly, this is a question that has an answer.

Your life is no accident. The very fact that you are breathing on this earth is evidence that you were placed here for a reason.

Your personality, your talents, and your inner passion are designed in a specific way for you to live out your purpose. Your life story – how you grew up, what has happened to you, where you are, and even the choices you’ve made – are all part of this special design too. Things that you may have seen as “mere chance” about yourself, are instead on purpose for a divine calling.

The Bible says that the greatest thing we can do with our lives is to love God with everything in us, and to love others as we love ourselves. This commandment is our purpose: to know and love God and to serve those around us. But it doesn’t stop there… because if it did, we would still have a lot of unanswered questions.

We have to know how we are specifically supposed to live out this purpose… and that “how” is our mission.

My book Wake Up, Generation is designed to help you find the mission God has given you. It walks through understanding your personal value, your story, your gifts, your passion and the unique mission God has prepared for you

Your mission is bigger than a career, more profound than just “what you do”. It’s the legacy that you will leave.

My life mission is to inspire, ignite, and reclaim purpose in others, so that they will not waste their lives.

What’s your mission? You’re alive to live it out.


Breana Pope

My mission is to be an instrument of the Lord!
I don’t want to play the instrument, I want to be the instrument. (I want the Lord to be in charged of my life)
I really want to make a difference in this world.
Praying and waiting to see what God has in store

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